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Wed 6th Jan 2021.



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WILCAP Inaugural Meeting

Date: 27 October 2009

Time: 6.30pm

Venue: Burcombe Village Hall

Agenda: The outline of the evening will be:

1. Introductions Richard Munro, Community Area Manager (CAM)

2. Background Richard Munro

3. What is a Community Area Partnership? Lesley Taylor, Community First

4. What does a successful CAP look like? Len Turner, Chair Wiltshire Forum of Community Area Partnerships (WFCAP)

5. What do you know about CAPs? Laura Pictor, WFCAP

6. Setting up the CAP Richard Munro

7. Theme Groups Everyone (group discussions and feedback)

8. Look Forward Richard Munro


What is the Wilton Community Area?

Wiltshire is divided into twenty Community Areas for administrative and development purposes. Those areas reflect the historical, social, commercial, topographic and demographic features. A map of the three Community Areas in South West Wiltshire is attached. Wilton Community Area is in yellow.


What is a Community Area Partnership?

Partnerships have a long history as the voices of communities across Wiltshire. However, in the south of the County that tradition is not strong. The attached ‘In a nutshell’ document describes a CAP. Its key roles are to develop the Community Plan, influence the work of the Area Board and provide a forum for consultation, research and delivery of community-centred projects.


How does it differ from a Community Area Board?

Again, as described in the attached ‘In a nutshell’ document, the Area Board is a constituted Committee of Wiltshire Council. It exists to provide a focus for governance and leadership in the Community Area. It is there to make decisions, influence the development of policy, influence service delivery plans and grant small sums of money. It comprises the elected Wiltshire Councillors in the Area, representatives from town and parish councils and partners, such as the Police, Fire & Rescue Service and NHS. The South west Wiltshire Area Board is unique in the County as it encompasses three Community Areas: Mere, Tisbury and Wilton. This is because the individual areas do not return enough Wiltshire Councillors to justify their own Area Board, For example, only two Councillors have divisions in the Mere Community Area.


Why should I get involved?

Essentially, the CAP comprises anyone who wants to be in it! Elected or non-elected, voluntary or statutory organisations, individuals or groups – everyone is welcome to take part. Partnerships have more ‘clout’ than individuals and working together is always more effective than working separately. Above all, you can be assured of a lot of fun and the knowledge that you are contributing in a real sense to the development of your community directly. Importantly, the Area Board is keen to acknowledge the CAP’s work in its own deliberations.


What sort of things will the CAP do?

The CAP will consult on matters regarding service delivery and community development. It will run projects (funding assistance is given by Wiltshire Council) and establish groups such as community safety, youth activities, transport and culture. The list is as long as there are committed people willing to set them up. Sometimes these are called Theme Groups of the CAP. Above all, the CAP will develop the Community Plan – an official document acknowledged by Wiltshire Council – and influence the Area Board as it makes its decisions.


What help can the CAP expect to receive?

The CAP will be granted resources to fund its administration and support and will also be eligible for other funding for projects, consultations, etc. It will get support from the Area Board, in the person of the CAM, and a Community Development Officer in due course (yet to be appointed). The Chair of the CAP has representation on the Area Board. The CAP will also receive continuous support from Community First and the WFCAP, if the CAP decides to join.


What will the meeting aim to do?

This meeting aims to establish the value of a CAP in the Wilton Area, to assess the enthusiasm for such a development; to assess the need for various theme groups and to initiate the formal establishment of a CAP in terms of a constitution, officers, etc.


What will happen on the night?

The agenda shows the running order, but it very much up to you how the evening will proceed. We will have assistance from Community First and WFCAP. It is not a political meeting, nor one which seeks to solve the community’s problems at a stroke. But it will be interesting and fun. And there will be refreshments!



Richard Munro, South West Wiltshire Community Area Manager, [email protected], 01985 844825




• In a nutshell

• Map